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Sponsorship Opportunities


A Competition Unlike Any Other

The Viali™Art Competition is no ordinary competition. It’s a new way of discovering, highlighting, and promoting emerging Canadian artists. With six cash awards and 20 honourable mentions, artists have the means to be recognized for their work and to promote their work with no sales commission whatsoever. This is a platform for the pure benefit of the artists. Awarded and mentioned works will be part of a national promotion program and exposed to Viali’s extensive art market network. They will also be showcased in an in situ and online exhibition for up to seven months. All entrants will be promoted and marketed on the website with 100% sales revenue going to the artist. All accepted entrants will also be published in the Vali™ Art Competition Exhibition Catalogue 2023.

Why Sponsor?

Art is meaningful. Present yourself to your market as a leading visionary and supporter of fine Canadian art.

  • Showing your support for emerging Canadian Artists.

  • Promoting excellence in the arts.

  • Educating and engaging with emerging artists.

  • Elevating the visibility of your brand among the art community.

  • Making new contacts and relationships with potential customers.

  • Accessing a community of people interested in art with the opportunity to engage in dialogue with artists, jurors, and other art industry players.

Truly ethical art competitions use submission fees to pay for the various prizes and perks that they award to their winners. That’s what happens at VAC – your donations and the entry fees are going to the artists, to fund prizes and promotion for the artists.


Your generous support will make it possible for this important art event to grow with larger awards and enable more artists over time. Together we can build a more vibrant future for emerging artists and Canadian art. Click here to contact me to find out how you can participate through sponsorship or email me directly at

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Linda Price-Bennett

Linda Price-Bennett is an experienced and knowledgeable art consultant, collector, and critic. She is very well-versed in the world of art of all forms, and frequently visits art galleries across Canada, USA, and Europe. Linda is a trained artist and has formally taught art at the college level. She is a member of Arts Consultants Canada/Consultants Canadiens en Arts (ACCA).

She is also a renowned interior designer, and often combines these two skills to present art within beautiful and appealing living spaces for her clients, both residential and commercial.

Linda continuously refreshes her portfolio of art contacts in Canada, USA, and Europe. She visits selected artists and galleries periodically to keep abreast of emerging artists and art that is becoming investment grade. She maintains important working relationships with artists and gallery owners. She frequently evaluates artists’ work against her client purchase requirements and often makes recommendations to clients for art purchases to add to their private collections.

From time to time, Linda also purchases noteworthy art pieces from these artists and galleries for her personal collection.

Learn more at:



Vision / Mission

Discovering, highlighting, and promoting emerging Canadian Artists and designers who are doing high-quality work is my way of playing my part toward creating a more beautiful, respectful, and thoughtful culture.

VisionA future with more Canadian artists producing high-quality work, being properly recognized for their work, and more exposure of their work to more Canadians.

Mission: To promote and encourage the development of emerging Canadian artists and designers to allow them to reach business success and growth.


Title Sponsor $10,000.00

  • Event named the “The Viali™ Art Competition 2023 brought to you by ABC”.

  • Dedicated signage at the in situ exhibition.

  • Company representative 3-minute recorded speech video on VAC website.

  • Dedicated webpage banner with your logo linked to your website.

  • Dedicated full page in the exhibition catalogue.

  • Press release announcing your sponsorship.

  • Name and logo on all promotional email campaigns to Viali’s extensive art market database.

  • A written quote on our website and in the exhibition catalogue.

  • The opportunity to host the awarded and mentioned art exhibition in your corporate space from June 2024 to December 2024.

Award Sponsor $3,000.00, $2,000.00 or $1,000.00

  • One sponsor for each of the first-place, second-place and third-place awards in Painting and Sculpture categories (6 in total).

  • Your logo/slogan on our Sponsor page linked to your website.

  • Name associated with the award (e.g., the “ABC First-place Award” goes to….).

  • Half page in the exhibition catalogue.

  • Name and logo on all promotional email campaigns to Viali’s extensive art market database.

Patron Sponsor $500.00

  • Logo and website link on the VAC website.

  • Quarter page ad space in the exhibition catalogue.

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