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Frequently Asked Questions

For technical questions related to the CaFÉ entry process, please review the Help page on the CaFÉ platform before you contact VAC.

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Do I need to set-up a free artist profile on the CaFÉ platform in order to enter?


How much does it cost to enter?

$40.00 USD per entry. This will be automatically converted with the CDN exchange rate on the date of the entry. Assume the conversion will be around  $50.00 CDN.

Am I an Emerging Artist?

An emerging artist is someone in the early stage of their art career. The artist does not need to be professionally trained. They may not have formal art training or they may be a full-time or part-time art student or an individual who has pursued art as a career later in life. Most have created a modest independent body of work. Generally, an emerging artist has progressed beyond “hobby artist” and has taken steps to establish a career in art.

Does my current income from the sales of my art affect my eligibility as an emerging artist?

Your current income as an artist is not a determining factor. If you are Canadian, over 18 years old, and working towards a profession as an artist then you are eligible to enter the VAC call.

If I reference copyright-free photographs for my art.  Would this be considered an infringement of the rules?

If you are using images that are copyright-free for reference, you are fine to enter the VAC call.

Can I submit not-for-sale pieces?


Tips For a Strong Entry

The following are questions you should ask yourself in selecting or creating your work, and more importantly, in describing it:


  • If there was one take away, what would you want that to be?

  • Is the focus obvious, is there any fussy detail detracting from your visual message?

  • Is your vision/message faithful to the description?

  • Do you have good composition and execution?

  • Do you know what your composition or execution ‘spike’ or ‘device’ is? Is there magic, innovation, or simple excellence in your work?


Take time to fully and properly describe your work. Your descriptions of your entries gives you an opportunity to demonstrate a solid understanding of your own work and its strengths, along with technical basics.


Process is as important as the final work. The process of creating and selecting your entries allows you to give the viewer insight into your creative journey. Be sure to talk about that process in describing your entries.


Invest in a good quality high-resolution photo of your work.

Tell us about yourself. You are as important as your work! 

My submitted pieces are currently available for purchase would they still qualify if they sell between now and when the competition closes?

If your pieces are sold between now and the time the competition closes, they would still qualify.  They would be marked a “Sold” on the web site.

How many pieces can I submit?

Up to 2 pieces for the single registration fee of $40 USD (approximately $50 CDN).

Is there a size limit?


What kind of art can I submit?

  • Abstract and representational 2D painting or 3D sculpture is welcomed. This call is open to all Canadian artists who are citizens or permanent residents over 18 years of age creating original artworks.

  • Painting or sculpture of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits (people or animals) and abstracts or figurative interpretations are accepted.


What will I need to enter? 

  • Artist Headshot Photo

  • Artist Full Name

  • City of Residence

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Social Media Links

  • Website Link

  • Hi-Res photo of each submission

  • 1,000 characters or less of artist statement per artwork


How old can my entry be?

Artworks created within the last 2 years will be accepted.

Can I enter a pastel painting?

Yes! Pastel paintings are accepted in VAC.

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