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Linda Price-Bennett

Linda Price-Bennett is an experienced and knowledgeable art consultant, collector, and critic. She is very well-versed in the world of art of all forms, and frequently visits art galleries across Canada, USA, and Europe. Linda is a trained artist and has formally taught art at the college level. She is a member of Arts Consultants Canada/Consultants canadiens en arts (ACCA).

Linda is also a highly skilled interior designer, and she often combines these two skills to present art within beautiful and appealing living spaces for her clients, both residential and commercial.


Linda continuously refreshes her portfolio of art contacts in Canada, USA, and Europe. She visits selected artists and galleries periodically to keep abreast of emerging artists and art that is becoming investment grade. She maintains important working relationships with artists and gallery owners. She frequently evaluates artists’ work against her client purchase requirements and often makes recommendations to clients for art purchases to add to their private collections.


From time to time, Linda also purchases noteworthy art pieces from these artists and galleries for her personal collection.

Linda Price-Bennett
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The Vision

High-quality art and design improve people’s lives.


My career has been dedicated to Art and Design and the beauty and growth they bring forward in various forms. My love and passion for excellence in Art and Design have brought great joy into my life and I want to give others the opportunity to share that same joy.


Discovering, highlighting, and promoting emerging Canadian Artists and designers who are doing high-quality work is my way of playing my part toward creating a more beautiful, respectful, and thoughtful culture. It is also my way of giving some of the amazing emerging artists and designers I have met, as well as many I am yet to meet, an opportunity to be featured and recognized for their amazing and unusual abilities.


In addition to being a vehicle to showcase emerging artists and designers, Viali™ Art Competition also serves as a platform for each accepted emerging artist or designer to sell their works directly to an audience of collectors and enthusiasts with the artists and designers receiving 100% of the proceeds from each sale.


Awarded artists will receive cash, business and legal coaching from highly qualified professionals on how to best do business in the art world.


I am so excited to see the incredible creative work that will be submitted this year and to recognize the stand out individuals who, using their creative gifts, are taking part in shaping the world around us.

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Advisory Board

Leading visionaries and innovators,
making a difference in the Canadian art scene
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